Here are a couple of our favorite jokes, your kids will love them !

Why did the Fungi leave the party?
A: There wasn't mushroom.

Q: Why did the Mushroom get invited to all the parties? A: 'Cuz he's a fungi !

Hope you enjoyed them and don't forget to contact us at 586-749-5510 if you have any water or mold related issues that we can assist you with !


My name is Tom Scheich and I am the Owner and President of EnviroMax Services, Inc.

In the past, I have owned and managed many different companies from Maintenance Supplies to Residential Building and Remodeling. In 1999, I started a sucessful Home Inspection Franchise as well and completed over 6000 residential inspections.

In 2001, I became a Certified Mold Remediator and started conducting environmental evaluations and air sampling to compliment my inspection business.

In 2004, I began offering mold remediation services on a part-time basis with one employee while doing real estate inspections as well.

In 2007, I went full time with EnviroMax Services, Inc. and have never looked back. I now h...